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Self-cleaning boot gets a 3 star rating


The 14th of October Agromek announced that our new self-cleaning boot for our bucket elevator has been given 3 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️ This is the highest rating one can get.
The purpose of the boot is to reduce waste and save the customer time. The customer will have less waste and spend far less time cleaning between crop changes.
- The self-cleaning boot can be purchased with a bucket elevator or it can be installed in an already existing bucket elevator (T53/T54/T55) by the customer.
- The self-cleaning boot ensures that the bucket elevator cleans out the boot. Without the boot there has been some waste product in the boot of the bucket elevator - with the self-cleaning boot there is almost nothing.
- The cleaning has been limited considerably with the self-cleaning boot.

The top pictures shows a bucket elevator without a self-cleaning boot. The bottom picture shows a bucket elevator with a self-cleaning boot.

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