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T37 Distribution auger

The JEMA AGRO leveling auger is a simple solution for distribution of grain. It has a low noise level, and in relation to its capacity, it has a low power consumption.

The T37 distribution auger is designed for transport of grain and other bulk material. The distribution auger can be used in spaces with limited height. It is fitted on the outlet of a JEMA T19V belt conveyor. From that position the auger can turn 300° and it can as such be used for filling indoor silos and bays. Furthermore the T37 distribution auger is handy for filling of flat floor storages. When fitted on a JEMA T19V belt conveyor, it can distribute grain evenly over the entire surface (within its reach). This can be done by equipping the distribution auger with a turning winch and electric control.

T37 Fordelersnegl - JEMA AGRO

Standard equipment:

  • Drive station
  • Pvc pipe
  • Auger


  • Cable control
  • Counterweight
  • Brake
  • Electric turning winch
  • End switches for the turning winch

Technical information

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