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T49 / T57 Chain conveyor

Chain conveyor type T49/T57 is made up of standard elements which, when correctly combined, can easily be fitted into any conveying installation.​

The JEMA AGRO chain conveyor is made in strong galvanised material, which makes it particularly suitable for outdoor applications. The T49/T57 chain conveyor is designed for transportation of grain, granulates, and other bulk goods. A steel chain fitted with synthetic carriers ensures that all material transport is conducted quietly, safely, and effectively.

The chain conveyor works effectively in both a horizontal position and at an upward angle of up to 30° and has low power consumption in relation to its capacity. As regards capacity, the elevator is designed for transporting materials from a JEMA bucket elevator to storage or to a JEMA belt conveyor.

T49 / T57 Chain conveyor - JEMA AGRO

Standard equipment:

  • Directly mounted gear motor
  • Torque arm for shock absorption
  • Outlet hopper for drive station/ tightening section
  • Plastic carriers will be delivered mounted from JEMA.
  • Cleaning hatch in drive station/ tightening section
  • Tightening possibilities in both drive station and tightening section
  • Inspection cover in drive station / tightening section
  • Inlet piece


  • Intermediate outlet
  • Outlet hopper for intermediate outlet
  • Outlet hopper 30°
  • Shutter for drive station/ tightening section
  • Adjustable endplate in tightening section for keeping it clean
  • Cover for geared motor
  • Cover for intermediate outlet
  • Wire suspension
  • Blockits sensor

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