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T50 / T51 / T52 Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor type T50/T51/T52 is made up of standard elements which, when correctly combined, can easily be fitted into any conveying installation.

The JEMA AGRO belt conveyor is manufactured in galvanised steel and designed in a light and easy-to-assemble modular system. Type T50 is designed with sliding profiles, whereas types T51 and T52 are designed with guide rollers. All three types are quiet and have low power consumption in relation to their capacity. The belt conveyor can transport materials in both directions. There is also a possibility for transport at an upward
angle of up to 30° using carriers, however, with reduced capacity. The belt conveyor is well-suited to safe and effective transportation of most materials.

T50 / T51 / T52 Belt conveyor - JEMA AGRO

Standard equipment:

  • Directly mounted gear motor
  • Torque arm for shock absorption
  • EP-belt
  • Support rollers each 0,5 m
  • Sliding profiles each 0,5 m
  • Returning rollers each 2,0 m
  • Shielding for drive station / tightening section
  • Tightening in both drive station and tightening section


  • Inlet hoppers
  • Outlet skirts/outlet hoppers
  • Cover for top/bottom
  • Speed control monitor
  • Moveable tripper carriage
  • Drive winch for tripper carriage
  • Belt with vulcanised v-carriers
  • Runners for adjustable support fittings
  • Belt guide rollers
  • Belt scraper internal
  • Belt scraper external
  • Side extensions
  • Oil resistant belt
  • Outlet deviser

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