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A cookie is a small file containing information, which is stored on the visitor's device. Cookies cannot identify the visitor personally, only the browser being used.

Cookies do no contain viruses and cannot affect data or information stored in other locations on the visitor's device.

Cookies are stored on the device and can be activated and updated with new information when the visitor visits a website.

If you wish to avoid cookies being stored on the device you can alter the settings in your browser.

Please be advised that diallowing the use of cokies can affect the functionality and hinder an optimal experience of visiting the website.

Cookies on this website

This website uses cookies to optimize your experience and present useful, relevant content.

By gathering anonymous, statistical data regarding the visits to our website, we can optimize our content and create a better experience for our visitors.

We use Google Analytics and Dynamicweb to measure statistical data about the visits to our website.

In order to remember your choise regarding cookie-information in the cookie information box we place a cookie on your device.

The expiration time for a cookie vaires according to the purpose of the cookie in question.

IP adresses

This website gathers IP adress data for statistical purposes.

The purpose is to gather statistical data in order to improve and optimize our content.

An IP address is a number reflecting the ID of a visitor's device when it is connected to the internet. Knowing an IP-address is not the same as identifying a visitor or a browser.

An IP address is a number which does not contain reference to a specific person.

Removing cookies from your device

You can delete cookies from your device. This is typically acomplished by using the functionality to delete cookies in your browser settings.

Website ownership

JEMA A/S owns this website and the content presented on this website.

If you have questions regarding cookies you may contact us by email: jema@jema.as


This page was updated on October 25fth 2016

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