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JEMA AGRO DRY PIT is a suspended modular grain pit, which has been developed in order to provide optimal conditions for servicing and avoiding water in the DRY PIT.

The steel pit must hang in a concrete pit with vertical sides, and it is produced in sections of galvanized steel plate, that are to be bolted together. The pit is produced in a walk-over version and in a drive-over version. The DRY PIT has a standard width of 3 m, and is available in 3 depths. It can be delivered in lengths from 3 meters.

  • Easy service access
  • Simple assembly
  • Optimal protection against water
  • Is to be fitted suspended in a vertical concrete pit
  • Easy and economical transport, as the DRY PIT can be packed on pallets
  • No horizontal areas where grain and feedstuff can remain
  • Designed in modular sections, made of 3-4 mm galvanized steel plates
  • Fits with JEMA AGRO T45, T49 and T57 chain and flight conveyors
  • Vehicular grating is modular built in 0,5 x 2,0 m. sections
  • The walk-over version is supplied with 100x100x8 mm reinforcement grid
DRY PIT Walk-over - JEMA Agro
DRY PIT Drive-over - JEMA Agro

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