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T20 / T40 Chain elevator

Chain elevator type T20/T40 is made up of standard elements which, when correctly combined, can easily be fitted into any conveying installation.

The JEMA AGRO chain elevator is made in galvanised material, which makes it particularly suitable for outdoor applications. It is characterised by large capacity despite its small external dimensions and ensures effective utilisation of the overall height since the outlet is positioned very high. 

The T20/T40 chain elevator is designed for transportation of grain, granulates, and other bulk goods. A quality roller chain fitted with rubber carriers ensures that all material transport is conducted quietly, safely, and effectively. The chain elevator can combine vertical and horizontal transport by using side augers in troughs or a 45°, 55°, or 90° bend. As regards capacity, the elevator is designed for lifting materials from a JEMA Dry Pit to storage or to a JEMA chain conveyor/belt conveyor.

T20 / T40 Chain elevator - JEMA AGRO

Standard equipment:

  • Directly mounted gear motor
  • Torque arm for shock absorption
  • Outlet hopper 45°
  • Rubber carriers
  • Extension 2,5 m with inspection cover
  • Elevator boot
  • Trough under elevator
  • Impellors
  • Drive station with tensioner


  • Motor with v-belt pulley
  • Cover for geared motor
  • Outlet hopper 90°
  • Auger in trough
  • Elevator boot, closed
  • Flex elevator boot
  • Inlet for flex elevator boot
  • Extension with 45° inlet
  • Extension with tilting inlet
  • Inspection cover with 45° inlet
  • Side inlet for flex elevator boot, 45t/h from one side
  • Separate drive for auger
  • Hopper

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