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E11 Bucket elevator

Bucket elevator type E11 is built in standard elements and can easily be fitted into industrial plants and feed mills.

JEMA AGRO bucket elevator is made of galvanized steel and designed for industrial use and thus a very large number of operating hours. The bucket elevator is designed for the transport of bulk goods, meal feed, grains and granules. E11 elevator can optionally be fed in either up going side or down going side. The capacity is the same.

E11 Bucket elevator - JEMA AGRO

Standard equipment:

  • Foot geared motor with back stop
  • Wear plate in elevator head
  • Removable elevator top
  • Tightening function in elevator boot
  • Cleaning hatch in elevator boot
  • Elevator feet
  • Inlet piece 45°
  • Elevator extension with inspection cover
  • Speed control monitor
  • Antistatic belt with steel bucket


  • Transition pieces and pipe
  • Extra inlet
  • Inlet shutter
  • Inlet 45° for inlet shutter
  • Aspiration socket
  • Misalignment sensor
  • Extra feet
  • Inlet for auger
  • Service platform, ladder, and resting platform

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