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Flat floor storage system

Intelligent transportion of granulates to flar floor storage systems

JEMA AgroSystem allows you to transport grain (and other granulates) to a flat floor storage system divided into different compartments and thereby store it at different layers and heights to ensure optimal storage and drying.

JEMA AgroSystem is used to distribute different types of grain in a building.

JEMA AgroSystem allows you to easily distribute grain in a flat floor storage system divided into different compartments. In other words, your flat floor storage system can be converted into a number of cells with individual storage heights.

Grain ready for storage is transported to a cell that is filled until the layer reaches the maximum set height. On the other hand, grain for drying is transported to a compartment equipped with air ducts and stored at a depth suitable for drying. One or more additional layers are added to this compartment on the following day, and new layers are added until the desired storage height is reached.

JEMA AgroSystem distributes the grain in each new layer to the exact height that has been input in the operating panel. Once one layer is distributed throughout the cell, the system adds another layer. The system stops when sensors notice that there is no more grain in the intake.

The built-in real-time layer height measurement provides JEMA AgroSystem with a full overview of quantities in the flat floor storage system and gives you a clear indication of your storage costs.

In addition to flat floor storage, the control system can also handle:
- transport equipments such as: augers, chain conveyors and belt conveyors
- cleaner
- weighing equipment

Flar floor storage system

Technical information

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