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A dry, Swedish success with grain pit and conveyor system from JEMA


A dry grain pit and capacity of 105 tonnes per hour ensured

Nils and Sven Svensson run a 600 ha arable farm just north of Trelleborg in Sweden. They installed one of the most modern grain systems on the market last year.

Grain is conveyed using pit and chain augers along with bucket elevators from JEMA, who also made the corn pit. The three silos have a capacity totalling 1,800 tonnes and conical bottoms for easy emptying, and are made of smooth sheet metal to optimise food hygiene. The system was supplied by Groba, JEMA's Swedish dealer.

High capacity – with high standards of hygiene 

Grain deliveries go into an 18 cubic metre suspended DRY PIT module. Total capacity with the conveyor system is 105 tonnes per hour, equivalent to the systems found at large feed suppliers.

The high delivery capacity means everything is cleared up by the morning, even if harvesting went on late into the night. Manual handling in the morning is therefore a thing of the past.

DRY PIT is suspended in a three-metre-deep concrete pit, and made of galvanised steel sheet. That means it is completely separate from rising groundwater around the sides and bottom. There are no flat surfaces on which old grain and dirt can accumulate. There is also full access to the pit, making it easy to service the pit auger.

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